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Dog breeds that commonly have problems with tear stains

There are hundreds of dog breeds in the world. Each breed has their own characteristics and purpose. Although there are different breeds to choose from, some breeds share similar characteristics. There are several breeds out there that can develop tear stains. This is the accumulation of tears on the hair near the eyes. These stains can be brown or white. To see a list of dogs that can be affected by these stains, please read below.

Shih-Tzu: This is considered one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It’s a Pekingese and Lhasa Apso to be a lap dog. They have a luxurious coat. It can be both silky and feathery. Their coat is considered a hair like structure. Most individuals like to have a short coat on their Shih-Tzu. However, some individuals use this breed as a show dog, which means their hair has to grow long, basically touching the ground. This breed can often have eye problems, such as eye stains. It is important to keep their eyes clean and healthy. Their hair can enter the eyes easily because their eyes are shallow and can be easily clogged. This can promote tear stains to develop around the eyes. This makes their luxurious coat look dirty and unmanaged.

Maltese: The Maltese breed is an all white dog and it is a small dog breed. This dog is supposed to have a long coat that looks managed. They have shallow eyes and their hair can grow long enough in length to enter the eyes. The hair that enters the eyes can collect tear and promotes brown and red staining. These stains look nasty because it can promote crusty, dry patches on the hair.

There are several other breeds that can develop eye stains because they have shallow eye sockets, hair that grows long enough to enter the eyes, and tear ducts that can easily clog. To learn more about these breeds, please visit sites like

There are products on the market that are promoted for all dog breed affected by tear stains. Some of these products can reduce the look of stains that are both old and new. Many products address the issue of tear stains from inside your dog, so that future stains do not develop.  Products like Pet Spark can help manage the look eye stains. There are dozens of products on the market that are similar to this product. To compare Pet Spark to other tear stain supplements, please visit